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Stump Hole Water

Sizzle Reel

Stump Hole Water is a rip-roaring action/comedy set in the Appalachian hills in the 1950s. 


Charlie makes the best moonshine in Wilkesboro County. With the help of his best friend Jon, his brother Averett, and his wife Missy-May, he runs his illegal liquor all over the state of North Carolina. After a midnight brawl, Charlie joins forces with local legend Boss-Man and expands his crew. His rum business thrives attracting the attention of a racist rival family the Klantons, as well as the local police chief Earlee. The most notorious IRS agents in the country are called to take down Charlie and his crew. Only by pitting his adversaries against each other does Charlie and his gang of outlaw misfits stand a chance of keeping their business, their freedom, and their lives. 


Stump Hole Water is a tall tale in a small town, full of colorful characters, all witnessed by the old local Yocal Bo, who never seems to be in the right place at the right time.  

Bo - Don King

Charlie - Will Haywood


Director - Jesse Terrell

Producer - Sam Gay

Cinematographer - Babette Siobhan

Camera Operator - Brannigan Carter

On Set Dresser - Cara Rhodes

Grips - Alex Amick

             Ben Schmidt

             Scott Phar

             Dallas Morgan

Driver - Morgan Rogers


Music by The Carolina Chocolate Drops


Special Thanks:

Margaret Shelton and Shelton Farms

Bob Plassman and Blue Betty

Dan Burke and The British Taxi

Eric Barker

Steve Mercer

SCB Guns and Ammo


Shot on location in North Carolina, USA

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